The Decision to Do It Differently

After much deliberation, the decision has been made. This family is going to travel around the world together, heading east from Chattanooga and then eventually landing in the American west. Over the last several months, what started as a “what if” has evolved into a solid plan for a major life transition.

We’ve lived in Chattanooga for the past 8 years. We came here from the mountains of Utah when we had one daughter. Now we’re leaving with three, ages 10, 7 and 5. This has been a great town for us and we’ve enjoyed our time here, but something is calling us to the mountains of Colorado. We want our girls to experience their adolescence with snow sports and a mountain culture, so it’s time to make this transition.

But we’ve realized there’s something we have to do first. As we were making this decision to migrate our family, we began playing with this idea of inserting world travel between our Chattanooga and Colorado chapters and the purpose that an around-the-world trip could have for our family and the people we would meet along the way.

The more thought we gave it, the more the idea evolved. This wouldn’t just be a vacation. It wouldn’t be a way to kill some time while the moving truck ambled along I-70 to our new town in the Rockies. This would be an experience shaping us as a family. We won’t take this trip to capture some great photos and make a few fun memories. We want to leave a mark and make the places we visit better in some way. Hence, 100 Ways to Change the World has been born!

On May 13, 2014, the Carisch family will leave JFK International Airport at 9:00pm and depart on a journey where we will show ourselves and anyone following on this blog 100 different ways we can change our world. This blog will serve as a diary of our trip and the spiritual experience we know will come with it. We will document the process of leaving good friends, selling a home that we love, getting rid of almost everything we own, homeschooling our girls, travelling around the world, meeting new people and serving communities in a wide range of cultures. 100 services projects around the globe. And so it begins….

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  1. I finally had a chance to look at the blog and see why your trip was so long. I’m really happy for your family that you’ve decided to move to back to the mountains, and I think my heart is with you on that. We’ve been in Ohio 9 years now, and I always think of being back where there are more hiking trails than I can ever see. Enjoy this time. It will make your girls even more special people than they already were. See you eventually somewhere, I hope!

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