The Book Excess Baggage

lake laptop (2)When we returned from our journey, Tracey began writing a book about this adventure. It took over a year of effort, but she recently finished the manuscript and is now working on getting it published. As a first-time author, she knows this is going to be a challenging process, but she’s committed to sharing the story of our experiences and her personal transformation over the course of our journey.

Excess Baggage combines the spiritual journey of Eat Pray Love and the comical mishaps of National Lampoon’s Vacation as it tells the story of our family’s 18-month global adventure. Loaded with hilarious scenes as well as deeply meaningful revelations, Excess Baggage reads like fiction as it narrates our travels and weaves in powerful themes from today’s great philosophical minds. This memoir will inspire and entertain a female audience seeking to find balance in modern family life.

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