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Since it’s establishment in 1905, Rotary has been a worldwide service organization dedicated to bringing together business and professional leaders to provide humanitarian services and promote peace. I joined the Downtown Chattanooga Rotary club in 2012.  With thousands of clubs throughout the world, Rotary has been a wonderful resource for us on this trip. The organization has connected us to volunteer projects and led to some new friendships as well.

Patrik during his remarks and the Rotary International Club of Prague

Patrik during his remarks and the Rotary International Club of Prague

During my time in Prague I had the pleasure of visiting the city’s Rotary International Club, with members from all over the world coming together for meetings spoken in English. While attending one of the club’s meetings, I was lucky enough to hear a speech from a remarkable young Czech man. Patrik Procházka was born with cerebral palsy and lived most of his life requiring the aid of a wheelchair. However, despite the doubts of medical staff, Patrik is now able to walk. This is largely due to Patrik’s incredibly positive attitude. He lives by the motto “Anything is possible” and serves as a testament to the will of the human spirit.

The Rotary International Club of Prague is serving as a benefactor to Patrik’s life journey. A fundraising effort is underway to help support this young man’s fees for college and ongoing medical therapies. He attended Prague’s prestigious Open Gate grammar school on a scholarship and now attends Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida on a partial scholarship. Despite undergoing periodic operations which require significant time out of the classroom, Patrik remains at the top of his class. In the midst of all this, Patrik is determined to change people’s attitudes toward those with disabilities, both at home in the Czech Republic and around the world. He speaks regularly to help others recognize the gifts and incredible potential of all people, regardless of their physical and mental abilities.

With his own experiences to demonstrate, Patrik is convinced nothing is unattainable if you don’t give up your efforts to attain it. He is a true inspiration and I was privileged to hear his remarks. The Prague Rotary welcomes others to support the goals of this amazing young man, who will most certainly do great things in this world. Information about financially supporting Patrik’s education can be accessed at the club’s web page dedicated to him.

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