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In a few short days we will say goodbye to our awesome dogs, Roxy and Max. Brian’s mom and stepdad will be keeping them while we’re gone. We’re incredibly grateful to his parents for doing this for us, and we know our pups will be in very good hands. Still, we’ll really miss them and their funny little habits, such as licking each other’s inner ears (yuck), cuddling up together for naps (awwww), and cleaning up any crumbs and spills that hit the floor (good dogs!).

We got Max and Roxy from the same litter of puppies at McKamey Animal Shelter, so they’ve been together literally their entire lives. I wasn’t sure I was ready for another dog after our golden mix, Jackie, died a couple years ago. However, Brian and the girls wanted a puppy almost immediately and they were relentless. I was on the losing end of a 4:1 ratio. Within a couple months I finally caved with one stipulation: if our busy family was going to get a puppy, then we would have to get two.

Backward logic, you might say, and you’d probably be right. However, my crazy plan worked. Having two dogs has been a great experience for our family. When we’re at work, school, practices and other obligations of the busy modern family, the two of them have each other for playing, snuggling, tandem toy gnawing and other activities that fall into the category of general dog merriment.

As we prepare to leave them (albeit in very good hands), it helps knowing they will have each other. Now we just have to figure out how we repay Brian’s mom and stepdad for this amazing favor they’re doing for our family. (BTW Mary and Jim – another grandchild is NOT on the table! Maybe we’ll get you a puppy!)



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