No. 58 – Helping Quilters Help the Community

Our Liv likes to make stuff. Like a true left-hander, her creative mind is always at work coming up with new drawings, new games, new decorations and new ways of doing things. Liv would love to learn to sew, and she’s even taught herself how to hand stitch clothes for her stuffed animals. Unfortunately, my skills with a needle and thread don’t go beyond reinstalling buttons, fixing holes in socks and making quick repairs to our aging Pooh Bears.

Whenever Liv has mentioned learning how to work a sewing machine, I think of Brian’s Aunt Cathy, a master quilter who has made our family some beautiful pieces over the years. If I had a tiny fraction of Aunt Cathy’s ability, I could pass on some skills to my girls. Unfortunately, they’re only getting sloppy misplaced buttons and stuffed animal repairs out of me.

You can imagine Liv’s excitement when she got to spend a morning volunteering with the Quilters Guild of Indianapolis. The Charity Committee of the guild meets monthly to create quilts for those in need. Since about 1995, the committee has been working with local nonprofits to understand their needs and create quilts best suited for them. Many of the materials are donated by quilting shops and individuals, allowing the group to create these masterpieces at a very low cost to the guild. The women of the charity committee make over 200 quilts each year for the Indianapolis community. Centers serving women and children across the city receive the quilts to support those going through stressful life transitions due to domestic abuse, mental illness, home fires, and rehabilitation.

Liv spent her time working at the “tying table” where thread is stitched through all layers of the quilt and then tied off. The ladies she worked with were fun and had her smiling the whole time. The experience definitely reignited her desire to learn to sew. Since Brian is the only one in our family that actually knows how to work a sewing machine, maybe this can be a father-daughter activity? :-)

Thank you so much to the Quilters Guild of Indianapolis for giving Liv another great day of volunteer work made fun. In addition to the beautiful quilts they make for the Indianapolis community, these ladies have also probably created a future quilter. I might have to send her off to Brian’s Aunt Cathy for some lessons. :-)

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