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Ethiopia – November, 2014

I’m sitting on my bed, staring up at the underside of the top bunk. One window is open and a breeze dances through the room, carrying with it the sound of Ali and Daddy playing outside.  Ali shouting “Uno!” and Daddy’s suggestion of jump rope is more a distant murmur than actual, real live sounds. I am racking my brain for an idea, something that could help, anything…….

Just when I am giving up for the day, an idea pops into my head. The I-just-had-a-great-idea light-bulb above my head blinks on and I run downstairs and outside to tell Daddy.


New Zealand –  Present Day

For several months now, I’ve been working on this project I thought of back in Ethiopia. We had volunteered at a school, an orphanage, and an after-school program. And I want to help. Right here, right now. But how? This was the same question that had been bothering me while I lay on the bottom bunk of my bed in Ethiopia. And maybe it bothers other kids too. Well, that is where my idea comes in.

If you were a child in Addis Ababa and you went to Destiny Academy you would pay four hundred U.S. dollars to go to school every year. Given that a lot of families live on less than a dollar a day, the majority of the population can’t afford that. But we can and we can help. ‘We’ refers to me, my parents, my friends, my school, every person who can afford a car or a house or something ridiculously expensive from the mall.

My idea is to motivate kids to do something to help. To motivate young people like me to help other kids around the world or in their own hometowns. To empower kids to make a change in the world, no matter how old they are.  What could inspire kids to work together and raise money for a cause they believe in? What if I built a web site to help them see how they can connect with other kids and make a difference in the world together, and then share their stories.

So here we are. I’ve made my idea a reality. It’s called I’ve created the website. I’ve touched up the last few details. There’s just one thing missing. The kids!

I want kids to visit the site, read through the steps and work together to change something they believe in. Maybe that’s giving other kids the chance to go to school or maybe it’s something else. A lot of kids think or believe they can’t do something because they’re “just a kid”. They just need to remember that they don’t have to do it alone. Make a team to work with. Working together, kids can make a big difference in this world.

The website in its present form is only the first phase of what I hope it will become. In the future I intend to grow the site into a database and networking system where teams could communicate and connect with other kids all over the world. In other words a kid in the Indiana could be on a team with a teenager in South East Asia, and together they could work to raise money for a cause they both believe in.

So check out my site, forward it to any kids you know, and encourage them to help. After they’ve worked together to raise money, ask them to share their story on the site so they can inspire other kids.  Get passionate, get compassionate and change someone’s life!

Please encourage the kids you know to visit

and challenge them to create a project they can share with the world. 


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Emily Carisch

My name is Emily. I'm thirteen years old and I like to read. I like to consider myself an author, although I have never finished a single book. When I am not doing anything that concerns a book or writing in general, I'm probably doing something with my sisters. My family traveled the world together for a year and a half, changing me forever. Now I'm a typical middle school kid, with a unique view of the world and my place in it.

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  1. What you are doing is absolutely amazing! I truly hope the next generation will have more thinkers like this. Thank you to parents who step up and make real examples for their children to follow! <3

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