No. 12 – Volunteering at a Fundraiser

We set out early on Sunday morning to help at one of Pink Crocodile’s annual fundraisers. The organization, which supports children with complex needs and runs small schools in Prague and India, let us volunteer with them earlier in the week as well. While that first service project involved some dirt and sweat as we built a raised garden and completed a sandbox, the tournament was a very different volunteer experience. We moved some tables and chairs, set up the buffet line, cleared a few dishes and helped with the clean-up process. However, the majority of our time was spent watching tennis matches and having a great time with other English-speakers. The girls spent their day playing soccer, making artwork, painting faces and petting a little dog.

The good sport who let the girls paint his face
Ali and Nelson
Pick up soccer game

Brian even wound up playing in the tournament to fill in as a doubles partner. Probably the most charitable act of the day was on Brian’s part, when he played such bad tennis he sent all of his opponents away feeling really good about themselves. (Sorry babe, but you know it’s true.) It was a very casual, laid-back tournament, as you can see from the beer bottles sitting court side awaiting the players’ break between games.
Brian on the court
Court side beverages
This was such a great group of people. Many were expats from North America and the UK. Everyone was extremely welcoming to our family and fun to be around. Spending time with them is now a highlight of our time in Prague.

After being rather socially isolated as a family for most of our month in this city, we had a lot of fun stuff on our calendar this past weekend. Friday we had dinner at the home of a Czeck family. Saturday evening we met up with Chris and his family, the local contacts we knew before we arrived. Then we spent all day Sunday volunteering at a great event. It was a wonderful way to begin wrapping up our time here. On Thursday we’ll say goodbye to the Czech Republic, load up the car and head out on a 2,218 km road trip to Castletownshend, Ireland.

Tourament players
Liv takes even fun soccer games really seriously

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