Liv’s Take on Our Trip Around the World

Liv Dubrovnik

By Liv Carisch , Age 8     

I didn’t really want to go on this trip. I don’t know why. Probably because I’m not a huge fan of change, and being around my sisters ALL THE TIME didn’t sound like the best idea my parents have ever had. I missed my school and our life back in Chattanooga. Of everyone in my family, I think I had the hardest time with it in the beginning. It’s gotten way better though.
Liv Andorra

In Andorra we had fun with our cousins. I really like babies, so I loved being around our baby cousin Mia. I think I love babies because they don’t argue with you and they’re really cute…when they aren’t screaming. Sometimes I’m good at getting them to stop crying, though.
Liv and Mia

I liked the beaches in Croatia. They have rocks instead of sand, which means you don’t have sand all over you while you play. In Croatia we also had a lot of pets. Kika was a kitten that belonged to the owners of the house we stayed in. He was frisky and wanted to come to our apartment all the time. Probably because we kept feeding him. We also played with the puppies next door. They were so cute. We also helped on a farm, and that was really fun.
Liv in Croatia
Liv on beach
Liv puppy

After Croatia we visited some friends in Germany.  They were our neighbors in Chattanooga, Simon and Johanna. Their house in Germany is a little way from a playground so we where there a lot. In Germany there was an old salt mine that we went into. The slides were huge!
Liv and Simon

In Prague we had to spend a lot of time inside because we couldn’t go out by ourselves at all. We didn’t have a yard because we lived in an apartment. It was a huge urban city with lots of old things because there wasn’t any bombing in wars, I think. We went to a lot of playgrounds and stuff, but it was still way too much time couped up with my sisters. We did meet a couple kids in Prague toward the end, but we didn’t get to see them much. We helped in a meadow one day and my sister got stung by a hornet. My favorite part of Prague was the zoo. It’s awesome!
Liv in mask
Liv bear

Of every place we’ve been, I’ve liked Ireland the best. We’re in a tiny little village so we can go out and play with our friends on our own. Plus, everyone speaks English. They have an Irish language too, but everyone speaks English because we’re so close to England. We’ve made some really good friends here. Naja is 6, Kale is 9, Leo is 9 and Manu is 10. Naza, Manu, and Leo are siblings. We’ve made three forts together and keep taking them down to make new ones. Then we made a playground in the woods and we’re calling it Tree Village. We found a lot of stuff to add to it. We found an old tire and tied it to a tree to make a tire swing. We found some pots too and transplanted some plants into them and put them in an area we call the Healer’s Hut, a place where people go get cures. Speaking of cures, we found wild radishes and Leo put the juice all over his face to make it look like he was bleeding. He’s funny. We also saw bioluminescent plankton, which looks like the magic ice Elsa makes in the movie Frozen.  Oh, and we also got to go to this place called The Tree House with our Irish friends. It’s like an indoor playground with a cafe where my mom can sit and drink coffee.
Liv Leo
Liv and Mom in Ireland
Liv and Dad

Everywhere we’ve been I’ve had a favorite food. In Croatia I had schnitzel for the first time and ordered it every time we went out to eat. In Germany and Austria I loved the apple struedl and pretzels. In Czech Republic I liked the trdelnik, also known as “cinnamon and sugar tube twist thing”. In Ireland, I’ve really liked scones.

We will keep going on this trip soon and leave Ireland. I hope that we can see snow and take care of baby elephants and go to Australia in an area with a beach and live in small towns and make more friends. This trip has definitely gotten better. I guess I’ve gotten used to it and can see there are fun things in our future.

Things I will remember most about this trip:

  • Helping with my cousin Mia
  • Doing the zip lines in Andorra on my birthday
  • Working on a family’s farm in Croatia
  • The slides in the salt mines in Germany
  • The friendly turtle we met in Salzberg
  • Having fruit bats fly around my head at the Prague Zoo
  • The Harry Potter studio tour
  • Pretty much everything we did in Ireland. I love Ireland!

Family in Croatia
Liv and Mom In Norway
Liv Italy
Relaxing on Tow Head in West Cork


  1. What a great lesson:
    Sometimes we resist change because we don’t know if we’ll like it and maybe because of fear.
    On the other side of fear is adventure! I’m glad you are having adventure and making memories. Xx

  2. Thanks for giving us your good ideas, Liv, especially since we aren’t getting to hear you in person! I’m glad you’ve grown to like the adventure, and are looking forward to more!

  3. I miss you Liv!!! At least once a week I wonder what you are up to so I check in…you are my own little version of “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego (Liv Carisch)”!
    I loved hearing about your experiences…I could almost hear you talking! You must’ve had an AMAZING writing teacher in 2nd grade, wink wink! I am so happy that you are having these fabulous experiences & for the AMAZING memories you and your family are making! I am just fascinated by your adventure & love being able to check in to see what’s going on in your world for myself. You’ve already given me many ideas to add to my dream travel list. Love ya sweet girl!

  4. I love hearing about your experiences from Liv’s perspective. She is very wise! If you do end up going to Australia like she hopes, I have someone you can contact there for service opportunities or suggestions on where to stay.

  5. Beautiful story Liv! I guess it’s the simple things that make us all happy: kittens, happy babies, slides, friends, nature and the freedom to explore it. Thanks for the reminder Liv! Looking forward to hearing all about your future travels.

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