About Us

  • Family in Ireland

    Carisches in Ireland

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    Carisches in Cambodia

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    Emily in Thailand

  • Emily in Cambodia

    Emily in Cambodia

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    Ali in Ethiopia

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Who We Are

We’re a typical American family that woke up one day and decided to do something different. We aren’t rich. We aren’t crazy – at least we don’t think so. We simply decided to take advantage of a flexible work schedule and go nomadic for a while. This leap into the unknown helped us find answers to important questions about the world and gave us a new set of priorities. After a year and a half of international travel, we settled back into American life in the mountains of Colorado. We still travel and learn about the world, and we share those experiences on this blog.

Tracey – Mom, writer, connector, project manager, positive thinker, big picture lover, and amateur counselor to friends
Brian – Dad, athlete, software engineer, skier, rock climber, little girl transport service, and fixer of things big and small
Emily – 13-year-old soccer player, social butterfly, future author, loud giggler, craft maker, and asker of unanswerable questions
Liv – 10-year-old artist, voracious reader, tree climber, designer, night owl, morning hater, and sayer of funny things
Alison – 8-year-old stuffed animal collector, chore helper, blossoming reader, imagination maker, insect lover, and leader of little friends

What We’re Doing

We’re travelling around the world and volunteering in the communities we visit. Some projects will be big, some will be small. We aren’t sure how long we will be gone. We’ve spent time in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific, and Australia, New Zealand and South America are still ahead of us. Connections to local communities are helping us define the journey as we go. Our list of service work is getting longer by the day. Every one of these projects has been a great learning experience in its own way.

Why We’re Doing It

The 100 Ways to Change the World concept is really about 100 ways to change ourselves. We want to see the world through another perspective and find ways to help our own country by learning about what’s working in other nations. Our girls are the right age for this experience and homeschooling them in elementary grades is something we’re handling pretty well. It was time for our family to take this leap into the unknown. Through service we’re creating connections to local communities, learning things we could never learn at home, and developing a better understanding for the challenges and opportunities our global society faces.

Our Backstory

Brian and I met while attending Indiana University. After college I took a big girl job while he made fake snow on the slopes of Jackson Hole, WY. We met up in Salt Lake City and stayed there for 7 years, keeping ourselves busy camping, climbing, skiing, biking, making friends, getting married, adopting a dog, buying a house and having our first little girl, Emily.

When we started talking about having a second child we decided we wanted to be closer to our family while we were raising little kids. We picked Chattanooga and it turned out to be a great town for us. Brian used his programming skills to become an entrepreneur. I took on roles in the local nonprofit world. In the 8.5 years we lived in Chattanooga we added Liv and then Alison to our family.

Then one day we realized we wanted to do something different for a while and give our girls a hands-on lesson in global citizenship. This trip is having an incredible impact on us as individuals and as a family.